Winterfell Borderlands

Today I returned to Winterfell Borderlands.  It is a place that a friend told me about and it sounded like a fairytale world where fun is to be had.  Once there, I learned that, per the land’s owner, CeeJay Tigerpaw, at Borderlands “Opportunities for interaction abounded.  Winterfell Borderlands was one of those rare and ever-shifting places where the world of humans and the world of the Fae were sufficiently intermingled that elements of both could be present at the same time.  It mostly aligned itself with the Steampunk world and era of humankind: Steampunk technology was itself half magical, and generally could not have functioned in one of those human lands where everything ran in strict accord with the laws of science.  Thus not only did the curious Fae have humans present, but also they had available plenty of mechanical devices that were psychologically predisposed to be magical, such as the sunken wreck of the Nautilus in the nearby sea.”

I began my journey today by mounting the dragon for a flight around this wonderous place.  From my previous trips, I know that I can stand anywhere along our flight path and explore on foot. Travel to Winterfell Borderlands  and maybe we can hunt for Nessie together.

For my travels in Winterfell Borderlands, I am wearing Bri Underground’s SteamPunk Style complete outfit. The dress fits my Maitreya Lara body nicely, but a little alpha tweaking was needed to eliminate peek-throughs.  The boots are so cute and fit my Maitreya “high” feet just fine. The top hat with the steampunk watch is so fun and the “shades” wonderfully complete the look. You can get this outfit and other role playing clothes at Bri Underground.

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