I Walked Alone on Distant Lands

Like Alice in Wonderland, I took a sip of a liquid labeled “drink me”.  I begin to feel warm and tingly inside and then my head started spinning. I fell to my knees and slumped unconscious, into a colorful but nonsensical dream world. When I awoke, I was alone on an old carriageway in a land of mountains and oceans, of clear skies and thunderstorms, of buildings and boats with no one in sight. A flashing light in the distance drew my attention and the sound of a chorus of many species of birds calling to the sea which seemed to answer with the deep bass of relentless waves pummelling the jagged rocks at the water’s edge.

Pulled along the carriageway by the mesmerizing light, I moved as if in a trance, awaking only when I arrived at the base of a spiral staircase winding up an ancient lighthouse. My legs felt heavy and unwilling to climb the ancient stone steps but I forced my way up. Winded and unable to climb further, I came upon a bench that seemed to call to me, saying “sit and rest you will soon need all your strength”. The bench was hard and cold but warm and soft at the same time. As I gazed out over the bay, a crescent moon burned through the haze and my head filled with the melody of a song I remember my grandparents playing during my many pleasant stays with them. “Fly Me to The Moon”…

I’m wearing: 
Location: Wizardhat Studios
Shape: .chouchou brenda petite for Lelutka Simone Bento by Cyanide Pixie 
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.6 by JadenArt
Skin Applier: *~ Lumae ~* – LeLutka – Yulia – T4 Fawn by Lumiya Rae 
*~ Lumae ~*
IKON Triumph Eyes – Grey by Ikon Innovia
Hair:  Tukinowaguma Elsa by YuiJin
Dress: MONOMANIA – Gaya,  by AgatRosa, 

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