I Walked Alone on Distant Lands

Like Alice in Wonderland, I took a sip of a liquid labeled “drink me”.  I begin to feel warm and tingly inside and then my head started spinning. I fell to my knees and slumped unconscious, into a colorful but nonsensical dream world. When I awoke, I was alone on an old carriageway in a land of … Read more

Second Life on a Budget

One of the biggest disappoints for me in Second Life is that I never have enough money (Lindens)L. Maybe that is because in Real Life I never have enough money either.  Oh poor me, LOL.  So, I have found that I can get what I think are attractive clothes and shoes free, as group gifts. … Read more

Winterfell Borderlands

Today I returned to Winterfell Borderlands.  It is a place that a friend told me about and it sounded like a fairytale world where fun is to be had.  Once there, I learned that, per the land’s owner, CeeJay Tigerpaw, at Borderlands “Opportunities for interaction abounded.  Winterfell Borderlands was one of those rare and ever-shifting places … Read more