Linden Labs and VISA / MasterCard gift cards

Sorry, but today I’m grumpy. It has rained all day and something like 24 out of these 27 past February days. And to add to my down-in-the-dumps mood, I am almost out of Lindens.  I spend most of my Linden budget on rent and the rest on some clothes but I get most of my clothes as group gifts. More on that another day.

What I really want to highlight with this post is that Linden Labs has yet to join us in the 21st century.  Almost all other on-line retailers accept Visa and MasterCard gift cards for payment.  I get several of these from well-meaning relatives each year and would love to buy Lindens or a premium membership with them. But noooo. Linden says they can’t securely accept these cards. What? There are just too many on-line merchants who can. Linden just doesn’t want to update his system for some reason. And to add salt to the wound, if you try to use one of the cards to buy Lindens, they take a dollar out of it to see if it is a valid form of payment. Once they tell you that the test transaction was successful and you try to buy Lindens with it, bazinga, card denied. And do they give you the dollar back? No! I think a fair share of their profits come from these one dollar deductions.

It is time for SL vendors and users to stand up and march in protest of this antiquated payment system!

Did I mention I am grumpy? Sorry.