“Good grief” said Charley Brown

Griefer causing server lag and destroying scripts in huds.

Well, “good” hardly describes how I felt after being severely griefed when I visited a Firestorm sim that hosts the game “The Ghost Town” by MadPea. While immersed in the game, I came out of a building and saw a rainbow of colored lines flashing through the sky. The lights also seemed to come out of the ground. Thinking it was my viewer, I logged off and then back on and returned to the sim to continue playing. But, alas, the lights were still there and the sim’s server was brought to its knees with lag. I imed MadPea and asked for help. After a little investigation on their part they confirmed that a griefer had been placed in the sim by an avi named cyberterrorist but that since the sim was owned by Firestorm, the Firestorm managers had to fix the problem.

Firestorm got rid of the griefer and repaired the sim, but for anyone who went there when the griefer was active, the damage had been done! None of my huds functioned anymore, no matter where I teleported. Asking about my Maitreya Lara hud in the Maitreya Lara Friends group, I learned that the griefer probably disabled the scripts in my huds. And I was told that I would have to detach the huds and anything associated with them and open the original boxed item and add those items to my avi.

As an example, I had to detach my Maitreya hud, body, hands, feet, body and body alpha. Then I unboxed the latest version in my inventory and attach those to my avi. Then I had to relink all of the new Maitreya items in my outfits to the newly unboxed items. Yes, it was tedious and time-consuming. Worst of all, I had to do with my Lelutka Bento Simone head, A pose hud I use for photo ops, a dance hud and a couple of others I use regularly.

If I ever meet the guy/girl responsible for this SL terrorism, I’m going to give him/her some grief they won’t forget.

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