Gone, But Not Forgotten

No, I haven’t abandoned my blog. My 5-month old PC decided to give me fits. I have been experiencing lag in SL, so I decided to upgrade my video card from a discontinued AMD product to a nVidia 1050.  In doing so, the motherboard died and I had to call tech support to get an in-warranty house call to replace it and get my system back up and running. And, in case you haven’t guessed or aren’t aware, the old motherboard was tied to all the registered software I have installed over the 5 months and as soon as I tried opening my Office or Photoshop or any premium programs, they demanded a new registration number.  So, it has taken me several weeks (with RL interruptions) to get my most frequently used stuff running again.

And with that, I logged in to SL and I’m not sure I see much improvement in lag times. Darn! (That’s not the exact word I used, but it expresses my feelings about the lack of improvement with what it cost me in money and time.)

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