Dancing the Night Away

Ever want to get out of the house, let your hair down and dance the night away with friends but you don’t feel up to putting on makeup and getting all dressed up.?  While that might be perplexing in real life, it is not in Second Life! Just grab a seat in your computer chair and sign on to Second Life with your favorite viewer, and head to your favorite hotspot.

It is easy for me to get lost in the dance animations and the music to the point that I almost feel like I am actually in the club with friends. The best part for me is the local chatting and IM’ing that goes on while our avis spin and twirl to the beat of the music.

These get-togethers are most often fun, if you are the sociable type, and I have become SL friends with many good people, male and female, who love chatting as much as I do.

So, put on your SL dancing shoes and let’s head on over to Ephemera.

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