Everyone is who they are.

Be true to yourself. Revel in being you when alone and when with others. Everyone is who they are and I am who I am. Be friendly with all who want to be friends, and be kind to those who don’t. Love whom you want, not who whom society expects you to.

Up Skirt

I went to a dance at a place I’ve been many times before and was having fun as usual. Between songs, I heard the click of a camera and a few minutes later, a male stranger shared an up-skirt picture of me he had taken. Unfortunately, when I dressed for the dance I forgot that my panties were … Read more

Bad Date

I met a man that I thought would be worth keeping. But he took me to his special place and when he was through with me, did he take me home? No! He left me hanging. Can a knight in shining armor come take away?


Are you claustrophobic? I am. I hate tight places especially when I am alone. It’s a good thing Alice wasn’t. She would have never made it in Wonderland. Pretend you are the lovely Alice with this great pose prop from WetCat.

Hanging around in SL

Shopping and dancing are always fun, but sometimes a girl just needs some alone time.  There are lots of places to explore and a wide variety of things to do.  Explore Steampunk worlds and seashores, or sandy beaches (clothing optional) and mountain retreats. Or, go ghost hunting. But sometimes just hanging around is all you … Read more

“Good grief” said Charley Brown

Well, “good” hardly describes how I felt after being severely griefed when I visited a Firestorm sim that hosts the game “The Ghost Town” by MadPea. While immersed in the game, I came out of a building and saw a rainbow of colored lines flashing through the sky. The lights also seemed to come out … Read more