About Me

I have lived in this wide wonderful universe since 11/22/2010. Not long compared to many of the folks I have met here, but don’t think that I am a newbie any longer.

As with most SL residents, I started with the system shape and skin. Over time, I discovered how to change my appearance with different skins and by modifying my shape or using shapes created by others.  And then, there are the clothes and shoes!  OMG! I quickly learned that I could go broke as fast in SL as in real life!

Just as I thought my looks were what I wanted in this place where anyone can be whomever or whatever they want, along came mesh bodies and heads.  So, after all the encouragement and peer pressure, I really broke my bank and purchased Maitreya’s Lara body and Lelutka’s Simone head. And guess what, most of my wardrobe for my system body didn’t work with mesh bodies. So, it was off to shopping for me again. Oh, what a shame.

No sooner than I beautified those to my liking, along came Bento. Thank heavens, Lelutka let owners of the Simone head upgrade for half off the regular price.

So, until the next new thing comes along in SL, I’ll spend my time going to events, exploring sims and, of course, going shopping, especially for freebies.  And my blogs will be about my experiences as I do all of these.